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About Us

About Horizon Guides and Content Useage

Horizon Guides

Horizon Guides provides travel and trip planning information to visitors. Our California-based staff of avid travelers has many years of experience providing top-quality map, atlas and guidebook information worldwide. Horizon Guides staff members include researchers, mapmakers, geographers and designers.

Our offices are located in Berkeley, California. Since starting in 1983, we have collected an extensive map library of more than 4000 titles worldwide. The staff continually reviews and adds books, articles, digital images and maps on California to keep our information fresh and current. Naturally, we’d rather be out "in the field" all the time, but then it wouldn’t be a vacation, would it? Instead, the staff is busy creating interesting new features for "Explore California."

Requests for Additional Travel Information

Horizon Guides regrets we cannot respond to individual requests for additional travel information, specialized itineraries or business locations.  

Contact Us

Send email to editor@horizonguides.com. If you wish to write us, our address is 2809 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 206, Berkeley, California, 94705.  

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use

Unless explicitly noted otherwise, Horizon Guides owns the exclusive copyright to all editorial content on this site, including text, maps, illustrations, coupons and images under US Copyright law. No content is within the Public Domain. All images and text associated with advertisements are the property of the advertiser. The content of www.freemapsandguides.com and www.horizonguides.com is presented for the following use only:

1. PRIVATE USE, limited to: personal, non-commercial purpose

Personal non-commercial, private use is encouraged.  It includes:

  • Printing 1 or 2 copies of maps from your printer, with or without the descriptive text
  •  Printing a coupon for each traveler from any number of businesses offering specials
  •  Use of a map image as a screen saver or background image on your computer
  •  Emailing a copy of selected maps and their descriptive text to a friend or relative

The above usage DOES NOT REQUIRE written authorization and applies only to the low resolution images that can be downloaded directly from the site. The Horizon Guides copyright notice must remain on all print and digital copies created for personal use.  

All other uses require written permission and payment of licensing fees. Permission must be obtained through email or traditional documentation. If you wish to request permission, contact us at 510-845-6383, 8-6, Mon.-Fri., PST. Or, send email to editor@horizonguides.com.

2. Linking, Framing or Spidering

We appreciate links from your site to ours.

The following uses are NOT authorized:

  •  Embedding images or maps into a web page, as a direct ("hot") link to any image or map.
  • Using programs to automatically download or spider portions of the www.freemapsandguides.com or www.horizonguides.com site for purposes than indexing.
  • Framing of any of the www.freemapsandguides.com or www.horizonguides.com web pages.

Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate travel information for California. We are not responsible or liable for any damages you might incur by using information on this site. It is up to you to verify information. Should you discover errors or omissions or broken links, please help us, as well as other site users, by sending an email to editor@horizonguides.com  



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