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About California ·  Driving Distances

California Driving Distances Map and Driving Regulations

Explore California with a road trip. This map shows city-to-city distances to help you plan an ideal itinerary. California has many famous roads – Route 66, the Redwood Highway, Highway 1 (along the coast) and a number of officially signed Scenic Byways, each an unforgettable trip.  
Print this map for free before setting out on your California road trip.

California Driving Distances Map


California’s coastal roads are windy and narrower than the interstates like 101, 5, 80 so the pace is much slower – that’s the point! If your trip will include significant distance, consider using these inland interstates to cover some of the trip if time is an issue. Restrooms, restaurants and fuel are more predictable along the interstates.
Try the back roads on your California road trip for a more relaxed and intimate view of this great state. With so much of the land in either forest or desert, there are thousands of adventures in the less-traveled regions. There you’ll find country inns, cafes, local crafts and plenty of scenery. 
Driving Regulations: Key facts about driving in California
For road conditions 24/7, call the California Department of Transportation at (916) 445-1534 before starting your trip.  

  • Seat belts are required for both drivers and passengers. Children under 4 years of age or weighing less than 40 lbs. must be in an approved child safety seat. Children under 6 or less than 60 lbs. must be secured in an approved safety seat or booster seat.

  • Right turn on red is allowed after a stop at most intersections unless otherwise signed.

  • Drive with caution in fog – if visibility is too compromised, pull over – well off the roadway – and wait for conditions to improve. Better yet, pick a nice restaurant and wait it out while enjoying California cuisine.

  • In the summer, grasses are very dry throughout much of California. Help prevent grass fires by not tossing lit cigarettes from car windows.

  • Some communities use cameras at intersections to ticket drivers running red lights.

  • It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher.  

  • Helmets are required for motorcyclists.


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Take time to explore California's many less-traveled backroads

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