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Lake Helen is an alpine jewel within Lassen Volcanic National Park


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Lassen - Modoc Region

If you want to skip the crowds and cities, head to California's northeast corner. One prime destination for many visitors is Mount Lassen and Lassen Volcanic National Park where the landscape created by multiple eruptions between 1914-1921 transformed the region, primarily through the creation of a 10,000'+ peak, Mt. Lassen.  
The Mt. Lassen volcano has been quiet but action is still visible on the surface. See the natural re-vegetation and habitation of the area while viewing geothermal activity from a protected trail at Bumpass Hell. Find local information in the Lassen Area section of Top Destinations or learn more about the park in the National Parks section.
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Lassen - Modoc Region Map

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Most of this vast region is managed by federal agencies, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service. The largest tracts are the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the adjoining Modoc National Forest. At the southern end of the Cascade Mountain Ranges, all this rugged terrain and wilderness adds up to endless outdoor opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, bird-watching and camping. The famous hiking trail, the Pacific Crest Trail cuts eastward and south through this region.
The area between the Cascades and a smaller range to the east, the Warner Mountains is called the Modoc Plateau, after the indigenous people who tried to retreat to the brutally harsh lava beds during conflicts with the new settlers.
Lava Beds National Monument, near the Oregon border is a good place to learn of the travails of the Modoc and other indigenous groups while experiencing this landscape dominated by broken lava, cinder cones and a series of underground caves formed by lava.  Nearby, Tule Lake and the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge are hosts to huge populations of migrating birds, including sandhill cranes. Bird-watchers will also want to check out Modoc Natural Wildlife Refuge near Alturas.


Campsites are rarely crowded in this region, even during summer months

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