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Downtown Los Angeles is the business center of the region with skyscrapers, luxury hotels, civic buildings, the convention center and Staples Arena


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Los Angeles - Riverside Region

Visitors to Los Angeles can pack lightly the weather is balmy most of the year. Winter is the only time it rains and then not much. As you go east from the ocean, the region becomes a desert (largely covered by cities and suburbs now) where the weather is hotter and drier. Outdoor activities define Los Angeles vacations - at the beaches, under the palm trees, in sidewalk cafes, at theme parks, in the surrounding hills.
For local information on hotels, scenic drives and things to do, go to the Los Angeles section under Top Destinations.
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Los Angeles-Riverside Region Map

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Visitors think of Hollywood and Disneyland but Los Angeles and the surrounding region has enough to keep visitors and residents busy for a lifetime. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen year 'round and prepare for a casual and friendly place where no one can claim more than a few generations of personal history there.
Los Angeles is truly a region - including Los Angeles and Orange Counties. If you include the towns in eastern Riverside County, the LA Basin extends at least 60 miles from the Pacific Ocean inland.

Highlights include: LA County Art Museum, Getty Museum, Queen Mary (Long Beach), Huntington Gardens, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Griffith Park, Huntington State Beach, Dodger Stadium, Knott's Berry Farm (not a farm at all - an amusement park!), and Sunset Boulevard. Of course, there is the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda if that is what you are looking for.

Everything is connected by highways referred to as "the 110" or "the 605" but not necessarily easily. Traffic is part of the LA experience so try to miss the commute hours. Public transportation is somewhat limited as a choice for visitors to the region.

LA has no "off-season" but you can be sure it won't rain from April through November and after that it is still rare. There are many excellent public beaches, nearby mountains and hiking trails (to the north) and if you really need to escape the urban LA, take a boat or a helicopter over to Catalina Island where everyone travels on foot or by golf cart.


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Laguna Beach, along Orange Counties' "South Coast", once known as an artist colony, is now a picturesque resort destination

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