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Beavertail cactus in spring bloom in the Mojave Desert


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Death Valley - Mojave Region

The Mojave (pronounced "mohave") Desert and Death Valley cover about one tenth of the state of California. The map below shows the major access points from southern California, Arizona and Nevada. This region is popular with visitors interested in exploring starkly beautiful landscapes with daily weather extremes rarely found in the U.S. Travelers on I-15 or I-40 will want to stop at Mojave National Preserve, a protected area surrounded by the Mojave Desert.
More local information, weather conditions and a scenic drive through Death Valley can be found in the Death Valley Area section of Top Destinations and in the National Parks section.

Death Valley-Mojave Desert Region Map

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These deserts are the home of California's state reptile, the protected desert tortoise. Only the lucky few will see one in the wild but there are many other reasons to explore these landscapes. Check the calendar before planning to camp in this region. Summer daytime temperatures can climb to 120 degrees so it is best to come at other times. Death Valley is a national park with limited services and roads so visitors should plan ahead. Mojave National Preserve is less harsh but also less well known.
These two desert regions are extremely arid and rugged, creating a landscape devoid of most trees and plants and only the hardiest animals - but they are there and it is worth experiencing such a place.


Zabriskie Point in Golden Canyon, Death Valley National Park

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