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The flat, rich soils around Fresno are ideal for growing vegetables


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Fresno California

Located in the center of the Central Valley, the city of Fresno is a primarily agricultural center. More precisely, the city of Fresno is the center of San Joaquin Valley where fruit trees, cotton fields and turkey farms abound.
California visitors often go through Fresno on their way to visit Sierra National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and the Mammoth Lakes region of the Sierras. The city of Fresno is a good stopping point en route to the mountains plenty of hotels and restaurants for visitors. Roadside stands outside the city offer a taste of the many seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the valley.

Fresno California

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Use our map to explore the city of Fresno or visit the Top Destinations section for local accomodations and a scenic drive map of the Fresno to Sequoia National Park route.  


Fresno's economy is largely agricultural - from asparagus to parsley to strawberries

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