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Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Region

Palm Springs is a manmade playground in a giant natural sandbox attracting thousands fleeing the bad weather back home. Palm Springs weather makes things interesting cool at night, hot during the day and arid most of the time. Most of the year, the temperatures are pleasant or at least manageable but summer is rugged here - plan for A/C during the day. The dry air and clear bright skies are just part of the appeal.  
Visitors to Joshua Tree National Park, where natural conditions rule, should pay more attention to the weather before hitting the trails. For more information on travel to the region, check the Palm Springs Joshua Tree Area section in Top Destinations or, find more park information in the National Parks section. Click within any green box to view another map.

Palm Springs-Joshua Tree Region Map

Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Area Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Area Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Area Palm Springs - Joshua Tree Area Joshua Tree National Park Palm Springs San Diego - Anza Borrego Los Angeles - Riverside Death Valley - Mojave
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Play a round of golf and then jump in your hotel pool or tour a cholla cactus garden in a National Park - the entire region is a desert but you decide how to experience it.
Palm Springs first got attention first in the 1930's when Hollywood stars discovered it was a perfect LA escape - a place to party without many rules. The boulevard names include Sinatra, Hope, Shore - and it is really full of mature palm trees. It is still a perfect LA escape but there is much more to do, including a huge number of golf courses, resorts, spas, restaurants, a casino and a great desert museum. 
The Palm Springs aerial tram provides a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains - and much cooler temperatures at the summit. Nearby hiking at Indian Canyons offers an visitors an easy access to real palm oasis and the dense assortment of wildlife that inhabits them.
Joshua Tree National Park offers many ways to see a variety of desert environments, each with different flora and fauna. The namesake joshua trees are easy to spot, especially in spring when they present a cloud of white blossoms.


Wernher Krutein/photovault.com
Palm Springs has an excellent desert museum and botanic gardens where cacti of every shape and texture can be seen

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